Why Coach’s Neighborhood Grill

Now Serving Happiness

Our guests feel welcome from the moment they walk into our fun, relaxed atmosphere. Not just when the food hits the table, but also when they get the bill; it’s affordable. In fact, we pride ourselves on the fact that a family of four can eat at Coach’s for around $40. And while we do have a bar and excellent bar products, the bar isn’t our focus – families are. That’s why we shut down each night by 11:00 PM; it’s bedtime, not bar-time.

Would you like to learn more about our winning team at Coach’s, and how you can score the game-winner and bring your community together? Ballgames never ride solely on the shoulders of one player – but one player can make a game for the whole team. Are you ready to suit up and score?

The Power of Experience

William Hodge has 20+ years in the restaurant industry. His knowledge and experience built the Coach’s brand. As franchise founder, he recognizes the key to success in building a great restaurant is having a great team. Coach’s team members are skilled and dedicated to outstanding customer service. Now, we are equipped to share our success with you and create a brand-new winning team of franchise owners!

A Unique Franchise Model

Coach’s franchise model is like our food – affordable, robust and yes, we are going to call it – deliciously different! You see, we specialize in the secondary markets that most of the “big guys” never touch. Coach’s is a local, hometown neighborhood grill and bar, where folks go to celebrate their communities with a family atmosphere. We recognize that smaller markets often have a big community of family and sports. Instead of increasing prices with “A” market property costs, why not accommodate those markets? Does it work to play ball in smaller markets? Absolutely! Our net revenue percentage is well above industry average, and proven year after year.

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This information in no way obligates you to anything. We want you to be well informed about this opportunity and we would like to discuss any questions you have and see if this is a good fit for both of us.

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